Monday, September 27, 2010


Life has been a little hectic lately... the good kind... the distracting kind. Tyson and I are taking a Phlebotomy course and an IV tech course. That all ends this friday,  so this week will be crazy busy. I also have to finish moving out of my apartment by thursday! I am taking the accuplacer test tomorrow to start back up at weber... I finally can start on my life again... kyle wanted us to just work and save up so we could start a family... he really didn't want me going to school. Im almost done with my associates and then Ill be working on getting into Nursing school.
My divorce should be finalized this weekend... so it will be a hard weekend for me.... Luckily i will be with lots of people who can distract me. My family and our family friends are going up to bear lake to watch conference. :)
Ill start actually LIVING at my new place tomorrow or the next day... Im waiting for a car... My car died.. the alternator died and so it is at my dads work being fixed, so i cant really live in eden with no car.  I am excited to get moved in and start a normal routine again. I feel so unorganized living in basically three different places..
My parents and I are going to Disney world next month, i am very excited! :D So i have lots to look forward too! :)

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