Thursday, May 13, 2010


today was the morning from HELLLLLLL.
So kyle had a job interview today, so of course he needed my car because of the GPS... (because there is NO such thing as mapquest)... So i go to his car, and it wont start- its totally dead. So we roll it and pop the clutch. Then I get going on i-15, and I look down and I am on empty. So i pull off at the centerville exit and pull into the chevron that is there, all the while praying with all that i have in me that it will restart! It doesn't. God needed to have a laugh this fine morning. This cute girl pulls up and goes do you need help? I was like yeah, i need a jump. She was like " I knew there was a reason God made me need to pee so bad on the way to work" So i wait for her to relieve herself, while waiting I call work and tell them i will be very late, considering i was supposed to be there like five minutes ago. She comes out and we hook our cars up, and she goes okay start your car...( This is where i would like to explain that I don't know much about stick shifts.... I can drive them, but i don't think like a stick shift driver.... and plus i was very stressed out because i was late for work.... ) So, when starting the car I did not look to see what gear I was in. I was in First. The car started and leaped into the girl and her car. The girl who was told my God, that she had to pee... the same girl that was so nice to me and stopped to help me. I hit her and her car. No one was hurt, both cars are without scratches... but the last three minutes was just pure humiliation and Hell. That was my morning folks... how was yours?