Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HELL NO! Im a republican!

So i was sitting at the VA hospital today in the lobby waiting for my grandpa to be done with his appointment. I was sitting next to this older man who looked equally bored and wanted to die as well. These two older vets were talking and one was asking how this veterans convention went or something and he said that it was good, and that President Obama spoke to them. Once Obama was done talking to them someone came up to him and asked if he would like to shake hands with President Obama and he said.. and i quote " HELL NO! IM A REPUBLICAN!" that made the five hours of waiting in that dang lobby worth it... it was SO funny! I started laughing and then I could hear the guy next to me laughing as well... we ended up crying we were laughing so hard... ahh... i love old people... :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ogden Marathon

So, I have decided to run the Ogden Marathon ( the half marathon) this year. I have done the relay races in the past but I think this year I will do the half.
Tyson and I are going to train together and hopefully he will be here for it... he will be leaving on his mission around that time!
It will be good for me to be able to focus on something positive and have a goal that I am pushing for to get out of this yucky divorce funk that I have going on.
So wish me luck everyone! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lost at lake...

So here is the long awaited story of my adventure at bear lake this last weekend. Krystal Garner and I were out on the jet ski. There was a storm rolling in and so it was getting kind of windy. Krystal and I were trying to be the ones to go the fastest on the jet ski and we hit a wave wrong... all the sudden I hear screaming and i feel Krystal trying to grab onto me but then in a split second she was gone and she had flown off the back of the jet ski. For some reason I just let go ( because apparently i couldn't just slow down and go and get her...?) So we both flew off and we are laughing so hard we can barley swim, but we realize a short time later that the wind is pushing the jet ski away! so we hurry and swim to the jet ski. Krystal gets on first then i get on, but I am waiting for the waves to settle down before I fully get on, at this point i am on my knees... Then a HUGE wave from stupid boat came and hit us and i flew off. The wave pushed the jet ski further and further away, but this time I couldn't swim over to the jet ski because the wind was so bad and there were huge waves coming on top of me! So Krystal is on the jet ski just floating there trying to signal to someone because the key to the jet ski is... of course... around my wrist still. Long story shorter... I was trying to swim over there with absolutely NO success, for 45 minutes. As I was floating out there I look over and there is my dad driving the boat... I started SCREAMING! but alas he could not hear or see me... Thats the point that this whole thing stopped being funny. I was like " I AM GOING TO DIE" . Then Krystal got the attention of a passing sail boat. The woman was SO excited to get to save someone she was shouting out orders to her husband and they came over to me... I thought they would have me get in the boat because at this point Krystal was at least half a mile away from me... No. They threw me a flotation device tied to the boat... and they pulled me to krystal.... I was so embarrassed and i was laughing the whole time being tugged over to Krystal... the man on the sale boat thought I was having fun... but i was just so embarrassed and still in shock that this all was happening. But in the end as you all can tell, I am not dead. We made it back to shore and get the HECK out of the water... Oh and this was Krystal's first trip to Bear Lake...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lonely Days ahead

So it is official now. Kyle and I are getting a divorce. I am not going to go into details on my blog about why this is happening... i will say though that i deserve to be treated with respect and kindness... but wish all the happiness to him in the future. we are going different directions in life and I decided that it was time to stop pulling at each other and just end things. Not sure who even reads this thing, but whoever you are.. now you know what I have been going through the past month. Its been a hard decision, but I have received an answer from my heavenly father that this is the right thing to do.
I will update this blog more often... hopefully with happier posts...